doesn’t everyone take pictures of their food?

if you ask anyone who has ever gone out to eat with me, one thing they will remember is how immediately once our food is delivered, i have to take a snapshot of the plate. this has been habitual for a few years, but only recently did i realize that a) not everyone does this and b) i should turn this unique obsession into a blog. so ladies and gentlemen, i present to you – gourmet gab.

love food. love self. love life.

7 thoughts on “doesn’t everyone take pictures of their food?

  1. OMG, this is it…a food junkie picture blog. will def follow you as Jer and I love to take pix of food especially the traveling man when he visits those exotic countries…he’d love to be the next Anthony Bourdain and me Cat Kora. And the 2010 Emmy best reality show went to Top Chef so chica you are all over it!

  2. You amaze me! I look forward to your food investigating so that I can deliciously taken in your good finds. You must visit Venice for there you will find the brightest, rich-tasting tomatoes in the world. Put that on your list, and you go girl!

  3. Gabs…is that ice cream sandwich at the top of your blog something you ordered/took a picture of or is it a stock picture? It looks delicious!

  4. Gabriela, you are seriously one of the most beautiful people I know, and your talent and creativity is endless. This is such a brilliant idea, and I’m thrilled you’ve taken your love of food to a whole new level. Looking forward to reading your experience, and the inspiration and insight that will come from this. You are going to go far, doll.
    –Love, your MN ballet friend, Emma

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