perfection in a cup

i woke up this morning with a little sore throat, but after getting dressed in one of my favorite outfits, i felt confident about the day. during the thought-provoking discussion in my english class, i looked up and noticed the passion fruit iced tea sitting on top of my neighbor’s desk. mmmm…how refreshing. but due to my minor affliction and the freezing classroom, my mind jumped to a vanilla latte instead. did i really need one? no. but did i have time to grab one in between classes? probably. so, it was set. once class was over, i would head downstairs to Java City, the coffee shop in the University Center.

let me tell you…YUM!

my vanilla soy latte was perfection in a cup. from the moment my lips touched the warm java, flawlessly balanced between sweetness and espresso, my day had gone from average to absolutely sensational. from that moment on, i had a grin from ear to ear. thoughts of sore throat–gone. worries about my intense next class–see ya!

gourmet gab-ism #1: when your taste buds talk to you, listen! treat yourself to that coffee, pastry, or whatever it is, because it might become the source of your radiant smile and effervescent bliss for the day.

love food (and drink). love self. love life.


10 thoughts on “perfection in a cup

  1. Love this! Being a true believer in following your senses, this pulled me right in!
    I think you’re ready for that TV show we talked about… Ha ha:-)

  2. That’s it…I’m treating my sore, scratchy throat to Starbacks asap to help with my radiant smile and effervescent bliss for the rest of today. Thanks for the great tip! I only wish I could take you with me and treat you to a pastry and coffee today : )

  3. Hi Gabby!
    I am a friend of your aunt Buffy and she told me about your blog. Love it! Your writing is unreal and I could almost taste the latte. Enjoy life, Gabby!!!

  4. Hi Gabby, Sara told me about your blog as well… and being a food lover myself, naturally I had to check it out! You have a great writing style–very natural and conversational. Keep up the good work. I love your tag line, and I agree with your Gabism #1 Especially the part where you say “…because it might become the source of your radiant smile and effervescent bliss for the day.” One of my favorite quotes is something like “Be happy & smile… you never know who may be falling in love with your smile.” Thanks for making me smile today!

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