Not Your Ordinary Weekend

I don’t know about you, but my Labor Day Weekend was full of discovery! I tried multiple gourmet items for the first time and experienced awesome things I want to share with you, my beloved readers. For the next few days I am going to post the adventures of Gourmet Gab in hopes that you might be able to relive them in your mind…and through your senses! First off is…

Desert Blossom Tea

Friday Night: First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix.

If you have not been to this extravaganza, it is imperative that you hit it up sometime! Every first Friday of the month, the sidewalks of Roosevelt Street are lined with eclectic art galleries, music, vendors, and better people watching than the airport. As I walked around, I enjoyed an icy cold Desert Blossom Tea with fresh orange to cool off from the dire heat! Looking to break up your ritualistic cup of coffee? Give the locally grown, organic tea from Conspire, on the NE corner of 5th Street and Garfield, a shot!

Raspberry + Oreo = ?

After my artsy, inspirational evening at First Fridays, I ventured over to 5 & Diner, on 16th Street and Colter, for a blast from the past. Here I decided to “shake” things up (hint-hint!) and create something a little different. I ordered a custom Raspberry Oreo Shake, which was confusing-ly tasty…a tad strange, but it was worth the try!

Gourmet Gab says, “Never be afraid of ordering something unique or outside your comfort zone. There is a high likelihood that your go-to item will always remain on that menu. And who knows, you might find a new favorite!”

Stay tuned for more…trust me, your mouth will be watering!

love food. love self. love life.

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