An Eggs-traordinary Sunday

Promised I would give you more! So here I am to tell you about my sunny day, Sunday.

A spontaneous trip to the Grand Canyon began with a scenic drive–crystal blue skies and every shade of greenery, no construction (thank goodness!), and my stomach rumbling, anxious to reach Flagstaff. Upon arrival the halfway point, a quaint little cafe tucked away in a shopping center caught my eye. Right across the street, though, was an IHOP…a guarantee for “good,” edible food. I thought to myself, “Take a gamble with The Crown Railroad Cafe or go with the predictable option?”

Boy, oh boy am I glad that The Crown Railroad Cafe was the winner! Immediately upon walking inside, I was transported back my childhood. Murals of cho-cho trains lined the walls and to top it off, a real train was circling above. After being seated by an upbeat, friendly waitress I noticed the menu had a big number 66 on the cover. Sure enough, this place was home to 66 different types of omelets! I had to order one, so I mixed in green chilis, tomato, mushroom, and onion. On the side: “those” potatoes and a biscuit.

Oh. My. Goodness. This meal really was eggstraordinary. The omelet was cooked perfectly. Although the veggies could have used a tad bit more seasoning, the salsa on the side added a nice little kick. The potatoes were diced thick, served with green and red peppers. I am a sucker for crispy potatoes, so I would have liked mine with more crispness, but overall they were pretty fab. The biscuit was the size of my two hands! Perfect texture, crumbly and soft. Definite 5 stars. The gravy on the side was spectacular, filled with love and homemade flavor.

As beautiful as the Grand Canyon was, I think I enjoyed it all the more because my tummy was so happy! Next time your venturing up North or simply looking for some great breakfast, stop at The Crown Railroad Cafe in Flagstaff, Arizona. After all, Gourmet Gab likes to think of road trips as an adventure to find some unexpectedly delicious food.

love food. love self. love life.

4 thoughts on “An Eggs-traordinary Sunday

  1. Way to be spontaneous!!!!! Do you have any rules of plate pictures? Such as: Are you allowed to make any presentation changes personally to better suit the picture or are you bound to photograph as is??

    • My favorite meal of the day breakfast!!….I especially like your narrative….crystal blue skies and every shade of greenery….makes the imagination wonder….nicely done!!


    • Kris,
      This is a great question and pertains to the ethics of journalism, which was touched on in my History and Principles of Journalism class last week, actually! I generally prefer to photograph the dish exactly they way it is served, as the presentation of a dish is largely an expression of the chef’s creativity. However, if for some reason I feel that rearranging the food will either better illustrate the portion size or highlight all the items included on the plate, I will definitely do so. Thanks for asking!

  2. GABS. The Crown Railroad Cafe is my favorite place in all of Flagstaff, I’ve been going there since I was 5! If you ever go again, they make the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich. I have to tell you that when I was reading about the Cafe vs. IHOP battle, I almost fell out of my seat with anticipation because I would have been so, so sad if you hadn’t experienced it… That’s all.

    Miss you!

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