PB & ____ (You fill in the blank).

We all know the typical ice-breaker game where people go around the circle and state their name, favorite color, and favorite food. When it is my turn, you will hear me say, “Hi, I am Gabriela (aka Gourmet Gab), my favorite color is pink, and my favorite food is peanut butter. Yep. I said peanut butter!” For the past 18 years, I have been concocting random combinations of PB + Something. Some of my favorites include Eggo waffles topped with PB and syrup and Oreos/Carmel Rice Cakes/Nilla Wafers/Apples dipped in PB.

As I was scanning the Food section of azcentral.com this evening, I found this article, which made me smile. Click on this link to read about fun Peanut butter facts and check out some bizarre, but probably delicious combinations! (Bacon and Peanut Butter…Really?!)

Try out one of their suggestions and leave a comment below with your reaction, or just share your favorite pair for the legendary PB! I cannot wait to hear all of your creations–and then try them, myself!

love food. love self. love life.


10 thoughts on “PB & ____ (You fill in the blank).

    • Alex,
      I am taking you to the restaurant Cibo on 5th Ave. and Fillmore–right in our stomping grounds of Downtown Phoenix. They have THEE MOST DELICIOUS crepes with the exact ingredients you just described! YUMMMM.

  1. Our house loves Peanut Butter too!!! One of our favorite snacks is PB and Pickles….yummy combo, can even be made into a sandwich!!

  2. Campfire or Microwave Tortilla Smores….flour tortilla, peanut butter, hershey bar, marshmallow, wrap it up tightly in foil or plastic wrap and warm it up until the chocolate melts. Yum, yum, yummy!

    BUT my all time favorite peanut butter recipe is:

    1 Reese’s Big Cup (or two or more depending on the situation)

    love peanut butter. love life. love self. love YOU!

  3. Hi Gabs!
    My all time favorite is cucumbers with peanut butter on a lightly toasted whole wheat English muffin. Try it, you’ll be amazed!
    love peanut butter. love life. love self. love YOU!

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