Beep Beep, Here Come the Food Trucks!

Buckle your seat belts everyone! Ice Cream Trucks have met their match as food trucks speed in across the country!

The first season of the Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race, which featured seven of the country’s best food trucks, just ended and the Los Angeles burger truck, Grill em’ All, raced through the finish line as the winner. Maybe the publicity of this new phenomenon has inspired Phoenix to clarify their map directions and hop on board with trend train, as well.

Starting on November 5, a Mobile Food Court will be hosted at the Phoenix Public Market. With menus ranging from crepes to out of the ordinary ice cream to gourmet hot dogs, everyone’s taste buds will be left happy! It will be open on Fridays from 11 am – 1 pm, just in time for you to take a break from work or school for some unique and tasty lunch. The Market is on Central Ave. and Piece St, right by the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. (Hint, hint all you Sun Devil readers!)

Gourmet Gab cannot wait to check this out…Goodbye drive-thrus, hello walk up food trucks!

love food. love life. love life.


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