Donut Daze

Happy October! Looking to change up the usual cereal or toast this weekend for breakfast? Well, Gourmet Gab has an answer for you.

Try this super easy recipe for “homemade” donuts. Simply use store-bought biscuit dough, cut out a hole in the center, and fry in vegetable oil. Then top with chocolate or vanilla glaze, powdered sugar, or toss in cinnamon-sugar. For decoration, top with fun sprinkles!

A couple of years ago, a group of girls and I made these sweet creations, so I thought I would share some snapshots with you! Little tip: To cut the dough, we used the tops from plastic drink bottles.

This is a great way to spend time with the whole family in the kitchen…everyone can personalize their own donuts! Also a fun hands-on opportunity for kids to be acceptably messy. Enjoy!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


8 thoughts on “Donut Daze

  1. I was ‘one of the girls’ making these delicious delectables! One of my favorite thing about making these is how pretty they look on a cake platter…almost too pretty to eat. (Almost being the key word there: ) We tried maple frosting one time too…yum, yum!

    love donuts. love self. love life. love you!

    PS…don’t forget to wear a cute apron…the oil can get messy!

    • You have inspired me to do a post on Aprons soon, Aunt Buffy. Any ideas? I can even include some snapshots of ones we sewed! Also, next time I am home I will have to count my growing number of aprons I have collected over the years!

  2. I remember when “you girls” created these!! What a great entry ~ just in time to have the kiddies over to try the decorating!! I love GORMET GAB!


    • Auntie Annie,
      Did you ever have the kids over for an extravaganza in the kitchen? When you do, take some pics and post them on Gourmet Gab’s Facebook page so we can all see!

  3. mmmm. okay so their easy–but can we simmer butter and cook them that way? Or can I bake them? if you try–let me know!

    • Dearest JLovely,
      Thank you for your question. That is a very impressive idea, way to be innovative in the kitchen! I responded to your post on the Facebook page and basically said that although it is not as healthy to fry in oil, it really is the best way to cook the dough. I guess moderation is the key in this case! xoxo.

  4. GABS you are seriously the best! I am so proud of you and your website and I would like everyone to know that GABS IS A SUPERSTAR and that I tried those donuts not that long ago with Pat and Alex and I’m sure they can attest that I do not have the magic touch. ha. only if you were there! I LOOVE YOU!

    • Sierra – when you are back in town we will make the donuts and we can combine both of our magic touches…I will cook them up and you can channel your designer mind toward the presentation (icing, sprinkles, arrangement)! How does that sound?

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