WWWE: What Would a Wildcat Eat?

This past weekend Gourmet Gab made a road trip down to Tucson, Arizona to visit her Wildcat friends at the University of Arizona. Let me tell you, Tucson’s got it good! Recapping all my dining experiences would be the length of a novel because every meal was so darn delicious. Instead, here is a photo collection of my tasty Tucson eats.

Dinner Friday Night: The B Line makes the BEST Pesto Pasta I have ever had the honor of eating. (This has now made the “Favorites” list!)

Dessert: Heavenly Pumpkin Cheesecake. Ideal balance between pumpkin and cheesecake flavor. Scrumptious graham cracker crust. Alongside it (brace yourself) homemade Vanilla Caramel Lavender Ice Cream. DIVINE!

Saturday Lunch: The “Dab’s Delight” from Beyond Bread. Tuna salad, tomato and Havarti cheese sandwiched between toasted wheat bread. Side of their special pasta salad. It was so good I literally polished everything.

Dessert: More cheesecake! This time White and Dark Chocolate with a cookie crust. Rich, creamy, and oh so satisfying.

Saturday Dinner: Arabic food from Sinbad’s, a quaint little restaurant tucked in University Blvd. Great veggie filled pitas with hummus (called Veggie Aaryes).

Breakfast (and lunch!) Sunday: A famous Breakfast Burrito from the on-campus market/diner in Highland. Filled with eggs, potatoes, veggies, cheese and salsa it kept me full ALL day. So ridiculously flavorful! Not your average college cafeteria food.

Gourmet Gab learned that great food and great friends are essential components of a weekend getaway. Next time you are on a trip, seek out the locals’ favorite places (guaranteed to be delish!), share your meals in good company, and document your dining experiences!

P.S. Props to Catherine Radachi for fabulous restaurant selections and excellent photos.

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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