Video Blog Debut!

Happy Halloween everyone! Because this evening is a cause for celebration in itself, I figured we should all celebrate in Gourmet Gab land, as well, with the debut of video posts. In addition to writing reviews, commentaries, etc., I am going to start producing videos for you all to watch! Hope you enjoy. Save some Twix (my favorite candy) from trick-or-treating for me!


12 thoughts on “Video Blog Debut!

    • Sherrance – I vote that we do a special “In the Kitchen with Gourmet Gab and Sherri” where we make amazing pesto pasta, cedar smoked salmon, your magical chocolate cookies, and anything else you care to share! Ahh my mouth is watering…yum!

  1. how did i not know your fave candy?? im obsessed with twix like my favorite is dark chocolate hersheys BUT now i know we have another thing in common!

    • That really is crazy, Julia! Have you tried the Peanut Butter Twix?! It is quite awesome, but nothing beats the original in my opinion. Good for you for liking dark chocolate because it is supposed to actually be healthy, as “healthy” as chocolate can be! Haha. Miss you!

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