Sampling of Seattle

Gourmet Gab is back! After a phenomenal weekend in Seattle, I have to (unfortunately) adjust to eating cafeteria food from the dining hall again…bummer.

There is a lot of excitement coming up this week in Gourmet Gab Land:

1. Video recap of my Top Five Gourmet Experiences in Seattle.

2. Contest to win a delicious surprise I brought home! (Stay tuned for details…you will have a chance to score some sweets.)

3. Guest post from my friend, Brittany Morris, a fabulous aspiring journalist, who wrote an opinion piece inspired by the documentary Food, Inc.

Until then, log onto Gourmet Gab’s Facebook Page to see pictures of all the yummy food I indulged in!  Like, Comment, Interact, etc.  I really value your feedback!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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