Contest & Seattle-Inspired Prize Package

Gourmet Gab Blog began on August 31, 2010. Two and a half months and 20 posts later, there have been a total of 2,820 views. I think we have come far! But, in an effort to take this blog to the next level, the time has come to announce Gourmet Gab’s oh-so-anticipated first contest!

The Subscription Contest

1. Under every post it says “Share this.” Email, Tweet, Facebook, text message, do what ever you need to spread Gourmet Gab Blog ( to your friends, family, etc.

2. Tell them to check out the blog, subscribe by entering their email address and click “Sign me up!” (demonstrated below).

3. Once they have subscribed, they need to email me at and include your first and last name so I can tally who refers the most number of people. This part is crucial for your benefit.

4. Whoever brings in the greatest number of new subscribers will WIN the Seattle-Inspired Prize I gathered while on my trip last weekend.

*The Seattle-Inspired Prize Package*
– A Fair Trade Certified™ and Certified Organic Theo Chocolate Bar made in Seattle, WA.
– $10 Giftcard to the Seattle-based coffee company, Starbucks. (Valid at any location.)

Important: The contest will run until TUESDAY with the winner announced on Wednesday. You have all weekend and early next week to get the word out. I will post an update with who is in the lead on Sunday.

So get your game face on and recruit your peeps to help you win some delicious treats! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for supporting the growth of Gourmet Gab!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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