Sunday Contest Update

The Subscription Contest is in full swing! Believe it or not, only three people are in line for the prize though. Dear readers, I know you can do better than this! (And I know you want to win a $10 Starbucks Giftcard and Theo Chocolate Bar, which is incredibly difficult to restrain from eating!)

You know who it’s from, but who’s it going to be addressed to?

As of now, my congratulations goes to Miss Nora Joan who is in the lead with 5 of the people she referred Gourmet Gab having subscribed to the blog and emailed with her name!

Remember, though, that everyone still has all day tomorrow and Tuesday to spread the word in order to compete for the prize! Read the post below for detailed instructions.

Hope you all decide to participate!

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving Week. Countdown is on until my favorites: stuffing and candied sweet potatoes!

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