The Holiday Season

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a marvelous Thanksgiving weekend and filled up on some delicious dishes. Anyone still nibbling on leftovers? Jumping back  in time a bit, I want to thank you all for you participation in the Subscription Contest last week! I was blown away by the enthusiasm and support. A special congratulations goes out to Nora Joan, the winner of the prize package. Way to bring in 10+ subscribers, darling!

Now it is officially one of the greatest times of the year–the Christmas Season. I am already having dreams of sugar-plums dancing in my head!

One of my favorite parts has always been the festive red cups at Starbucks. This year the coffee sleeves say, “Stories are gifts. Share.” Also, each size of cups have their own message. For example, the tall cups say, “When I give gifts, I always get more in return. Funny, isn’t it?” Every time I savor a warm beverage from Starbucks, I am inspired to remember the true meaning of the holiday season–to spread joy, share stories with others, and be generous out of the kindness of our hearts.

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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