Review of The Parlor

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for this announcement: Last night, I fell in love with a restaurant and it is called The Parlor. Located on 20th Street and Camelback Road, this beauty parlor turned urban, retro pizza parlor redefined what a casual dining experience should encompass.

The sophisticated vibe and stellar music selection ranging from Salsa to alternative immediately set the ambience. The rather large crowd present on a Wednesday evening surprised me, but I now see it as a testament to their delicious food. As my girlfriends and I visited on the outdoor patio, warmed by the heat lamps, our waitress efficiently ensured our dining was flawless.

Now about the menu….pure genius. Ten different pizzas with combinations that make my mouth sing. I tried the Pesto (house made mozzarella, tomatoes, and pine nuts), the Smokey (smoked prosciutto, olive tapenade, ricotta, and fresh arugula), and the Funghi (wild mushrooms, goat cheese–I asked for Ricotta instead, truffle oil, and chives), pictured below. They all blew my taste buds away.

Also included on the menu are unique Antipasti starters, fresh salads, noteworthy sandwiches and pastas dishes. For those of age, there appeared to be an impressive selection of adult beverages and wines.

We ordered the Tiramisu for desert, which was heavenly, especially considering that I am not usually a fan. The espresso soaked lady fingers layered with a mascarpone filling paired perfectly with my Americano, which was made with coffee beans from the nearby Lux Coffee Bar.

Needless to say, I thoroughly recommend you dine at The Parlor. If your experience replicates mine you might end up forgetting all else and staying at your table for three hours like my friends and I did!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


One thought on “Review of The Parlor

  1. How much was that pizza? Did you put that in your blog and I read right past it? It looks amazing! Keep up the good work Gabs!

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