Other than Ramen

Almost any person could recognize Maruchan Ramen’s microwaveable Styrofoam cup or the neon orange packaging, but collegestudents have a particular nostalgia toward this food item after scarcely avoiding hunger thanks to its inexpensive price tag.

This semester, in addition to posting on Gourmet Gab, I will also be food blogging for Arizona State University’s State Press Magazine online. My blog is called Other than Ramenand is dedicated to dorm room friendly cooking “recipes,” advice on strategic restaurant selection, anecdotes of the college food scene, etc.

I am thrilled about this opportunity and look forward to connecting with college students across the country through food. Although there will be a few restaurant reviews specific to ASU, a majority of the posts will be applicable to anyone at any campus!

I have added a new page to the top dedicated to “Other than Ramen” and a new widget of the State Press Magazine logo to the right for you to easily click on and check out my latest stories! Feel free to share the blog link with any college students you know. Hopefully it will inspire them to eat something other than ramen!

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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