14 Days of Sweetness

Let’s play a little game…Guess what is being described from the clues below:

  • I am a holiday filled with love.
  • I inspire people to exchange cards filled with affectionate (and sometimes cheesy) messages.
  • I am represented by Cupid and characterized by conversation hearts, X’s and O’s, and roses.

If you guessed Valentine’s Day you are correct!

Red Velvet and Strawberry Trifle. Photo Courtesy of Taste and Tell Blog.

The next 13 days on Gourmet Gab will consist of a recipe countdown until the lovely holiday. Each day I will highlight a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day baking idea that embodies the spirit of Cupid! Look forward to a variety of flavors that branch out from the typical chocolate and will win your lover’s heart through their stomach.

Today’s treat is so beautiful I can hardly handle it! These Red Velvet and Strawberry Trifles from Taste and Tell Blog look simple and elegantly festive. After making a red velvet box cake, just cut it into cubes, layer with jazzed up yogurt and strawberries…Ta-dah!

These Trifles would be a perfect light dessert for a stay-home date with friends or a lover. Or goodness, it’s just a great treat yourself!

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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