Peace, Love, Peanut Butter

Photo Courtesy

You probably have my favorite combination of flavors memorized by now because I love featuring recipes that include peanut butter and chocolate. presents these adorable Peanutty Valentine Cookies that have a Butterfinger or Crunch candy heart pressed in the middle. They look so good I’d probably have to eat more than one!

Bonuses: The recipe calls for ingredients you always have stocked up and the cookies bake for only about 8 minutes–no time at all!

Love food. Love self. Love life.

P.S. I think the title of this post should become my life motto?


5 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Peanut Butter

  1. Unfortunately I already have that tagline trademark and tattoed across my back.

    What do you think about getting together next Friday night with Colt and I? We could come down town and take you to a restaurant of your choice?

    Go Devils!

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