And the Winner Is…

The results are in and it looks like Tagalongs take first place as the favorite Girl Scout Cookie among Gourmet Gab readers! I have to say, I can’t argue with that. There’s just something about the combination of smooth peanut butter, rich chocolate, and crunch from the vanilla wafer that wins me over every time I bite into a Tagalong.

Sometimes as cookie season calms down, though, I become a little tired of eating all the same dessert over and over. Hard to admit, but I can only eat so much of the same flavors. This year I have decided to combat this occurrence and shake things up a bit…Literally!

Read the post I wrote for my State Press Magazine blog about turning left over Girl Scout cookies into a Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Shake! It’s a great way to use up cookie boxes that might not have sold or boxes that built up after you couldn’t resist buying one from your neighbor.

To make the shake combine some ice cream, milk and a handful of your favorite Girl Scout cookies into the blender…voilà!

(Click here to read the recipe.)

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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