Gourmet Gab Goes to Boston

Hello there!

I do not have a new Gourmet Gab video to upload today, but don’t be sad–just stay tuned for more! After a short break from filming I am hoping to have some new videos with more delicious recipes for you in June. Any requests for a new favorite treat you would like me to make?

On a different note, I am very excited because I will be traveling with a group of fellow Arizona State University students toBoston! We are leaving tomorrow morning and returning on Wednesday. My camera will be full of pictures (and maybe some videos) documenting all the tasty foods we eat, so you can definitely look forward to a slide show on the blog next week.

Any suggestions of where to eat or what to see? Some of our fun activities planned include visiting Harvard, eating in Little Italy, going to a Boston Red Sox game, and so much more! I will be Tweeting about my adventures, so follow me on Twitter: @Gourmet_Gab.

Until next time…

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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