Let the Summer Baking Begin!

There are officially two causes for celebration on Gourmet Gab. The first is that it is summertime! Now that school is out and I am no longer living in the dorms I am so excited to bake and cook in our family kitchen.

The second cause for celebration is that Gourmet Gab blog has hit 10,000 all-time views! Thank you for following my food journeys and supporting the growth of Gourmet Gab. You’re the best!

My goal this summer is to bake delicious desserts as often as possible. My dear friend, Catherine, and I started off the summer baking with these two treats that I am obsessed with and hope you indulge in, as well.

Swirled Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

This recipe from Musings of a Housewife Blog is dangerous. The little squares are the perfect amount of rich chocolate cheesecake flavor, contrasting the savory graham cracker crust and peanut butter chunks. Mmmmm.

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

The second treat we made were these adorable little cakes in canning jars! After dying the cake batter with food coloring, we spooned the rainbow batter into the jars and baked them in the oven. The recipe called for icing, but we topped the cake with homemade whipped cream for a light and summer twist. (Tip: A scoop of vanilla ice cream would be divine!)

The cake batter even looks cute before it's baked!

Catherine and I with the finished product.

These cakes were bursting with fun and were just as fun to make. Don’t be surprised if a couple more similar recipes pop up on the blog this summer. I’ve got a list of desserts to bake and Red Velvet and Nutella Cake in a Jar is in the top 5!

Love food. Love self. Love life.







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