Sweet Tooth

As dangerously addicting as the website phenomenon StumbleUpon is, I find the best recipes because of it. Therefore, I can often justify my time spent pursuing the internet because it leads to the discovery of gems like this: A recipe for Chocolate Chip Oreo Chunk Cookies from Crepes of Wrath Blog. 

I like to describe these cookies as an explosion of sweetness in your mouth–every bite is filled with some form of chocolate.

The ratio of chocolate and Oreo to cookie dough batter is about 3:1. (Which makes for a very delicious cookie dough!)

The cookies are quick to make and turn out beautiful. The combination of crispiness from the Oreos and gooeyness from the chocolate chips is perfect.

You know what would make these cookies all the more divine? A scoop of ice cream right after they are pulled out of the oven. Nothing like warm, soft cookies and cold, melty ice cream.
I’m thinking about creating a homemade “Cookie Jar” Blizzard like Dairy Queen serves. Toss a couple cookies in the blender with a couple scoops of Vanilla Bean ice cream and a splash of milk. How delicious would that be?

More summer baking to come!

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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