How to Make Iced Tea

I have been in love with Iced Tea this summer and have enjoyed it at every restaurant with every meal possible. Then I realized that I don’t have to wait to enjoy it when I’m dining out–I can make it at home!

Ironically, I also discovered that June is National Iced Tea Month…what a coincidence. Follow a few simple steps and you can celebrate the last 10 days of June with a refreshing class of Iced Tea in hand.

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Step 1: Choose your favorite tea.

Step 2: Boil 2 quarts of water.

Step 3: Put 3-4 tea bags in a pitcher and add almost-boiling water.

Step 4: Let steep for 4-6 minutes. Brew tea to double strength because it will be watered down by the ice!

Step 5: Add sweetener while the tea is hot.

Step 6: Refrigerate until chilled and serve. Enjoy!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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