Pumpkin is the representative flavor of the Thanksgiving season. It seems like every where I turn, pumpkin specials are being served–pumpkin lattes at coffee shops, pumpkin ravioli at restaurants, pumpkin cookies at bakeries. Here are some ways to reinvent how you enjoy pumpkin in your own home.


Pumpkins are in the squash family, which describes why they have a similar taste, texture and appearance to butternut squash. The Worlds Healthiest Foods website says that all winter squashes are excellent sources of immune-supportive vitamin A

Canned pumpkin can be found in the grocery store year round. While pumpkin is in-season though, take the opportunity to make your own pumpkin puree. This article breaks down the process step-by-step. It is rather easy. By making your puree, you know it has zero artificial preservatives.

Pumpkin Seeds

If you plan to roast your pumpkin at home, make sure to save the seeds to roast them and eat. The pumpkin seeds are a plentiful source of minerals and zinc. Here is a short video to show how simple it is to roast pumpkin seeds yourself. They can be seasoned sweet or savory and can be added to many dishes.


Now let’s talk about all the fun you can have with pumpkin recipes. Here are my three picks to mix up the pumpkin flavors you savor this month.

1. Start your day off right with these homemade Pumpkin Waffles. The batter is quick to mix up and the aroma of the pumpkin will linger in your home all morning.

Pumpkin Waffles from Smitted Kitchen.

2. Go the nontraditional route and serve these Moist Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting from the Pioneer Woman as your Thanksgiving dessert. They will take about half the time to make and are light so you can have seconds.

3. Snack on this Pumpkin Spice Granola, add it to a yogurt parfait, or sprinkle it over some vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

Pumpkin Spice Granola from Baking Bites

Happy Thanksgiving!

9 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. you are so cool i love how all of your posts have SO much info and links you really nail each one!! Also do you know how to make those cookies that have jelly in the center (yellow and red jelly) if so want to make them with me for thanksgiving>??

    • You are so welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful. I just looked at your blog and you have some awesome recipes. The pumpkin soup sounds amazing!! Maybe I’ll do a follow up post with some more recipes :)

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