10 Clever Holiday Gifts for Foodies

No need to surf the web to find gifts this holiday season. Gourmet Gab has hooked you up! I have complied a list of the ten coolest, most creative, hilarious, funky, inventive and brilliant gifts of 2011.

Gift these gadgets to a foodie friend and profession chef. I promise they will be thrilled to show off their new gizmo…plus you’ll get major brownie points! Christmas, Hanukkah, office party, or white elephant exchange–these gifts are sure to make a lasting impression.

1. “Home Made” Cookie Stamper |  $20.00  |  Fredflare.com

If you take the time to make home-made cookies, why not stamp ’em so people will know! Bakers deserve all the appreciation they can get for their goodies.

2. Mustache Flared Mug  |  $8.00  |  UrbanOutfitter.com

Ever dreamt of growing your own handlebar stashe but just couldn’t make it happen? Fear not! This mug will fool anyone who sees you sipping a cup of joe.

3. Pop Rock Diamond Ring Bottle Opener  |  $12.00  |  FredFlare.com

Diamonds are a girls best friend! Pop open your next beverage with this dazzling 20 karat rock. Cheers!

4.  “Cut the Cheese” Knife Set  |  $20.00  | UncommonGoods.com

There will be no embarrassment next time you cut the cheese…because you’ll be doing it with these fancy knifes. The only smells will be aged Cheddar and poignant Blue Cheese!

5. Better Plate than Never Flashcard Set  |  $10.99  |  ModCloth.com

Challenge the knowledge of your self-proclaimed-professional-cook friends or spark conversation at the dinner table with some culinary vocabulary.

6. Elevate Spatula Set  |  $24.00  |  UncommonGoods.com

Save yourself some clean up with these elevated spatulas. No batter on the counter…for the win!

7. Bacon Bandages  |  $4.95  |  McPhee.com

For all the bacon lovers out there: Why not heal the pain of wound with your favorite cut of meat? Just wait for people’s reactions!

8. Bakers Necklace  |  $19.99  |  Etsy.com

Wear a bit of culinary inspiration wherever you go with this sweet baking utensils necklace made of measuring spoons and a cupcake pan!

9. MIX STIX™  |  $12.99  |  Fred.com

These wooden spoons will stir up your cooking by “keepin’ rhythm in the kitchen!” Purchase them on Amazon.

10. Sweeter When Specific Measuring Spoons  |  $7.99  |  ModCloth.com

Your cupcakes, or anything you bake, will turn out even sweeter when you measure your ingredients with these mini cupcake measuring spoons.

Have you seen a clever gift idea you’d like to share? I’d love to know about it. Comment below!

Merry Christmas. Happy shopping.


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