Candy Cane Recipes

Candy canes are a classic during the Christmas season. They are so versatile because they are both adorably festive and tasty. This holiday, be creative with ways to incorporate candy canes in your baking, gift giving and decorating! I found some ideas for you below…

These candy canes comes from the article “9 Ways to use a candy cane!” on They have so much holiday cheer and are perfect to swirl into hot chocolate!

Visit the article to get the recipe for these adorable Chocolate Covered Candy Canes, along with Peppermint Brownies and a Candy Cane Heart Cupcake.

I also love the idea of making a candy cane vase. This would make a festive and inexpensive centerpiece for holiday dinners, or for anywhere in the house!

I saw the idea for the chocolate covered candy canes on Pinterest. Is anyone obsessed with it like I am? Follow my pinboards and I’ll follow you back!

16 days until Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Candy Cane Recipes

  1. love the vase idea,we do a “Blue Elvis xmas theme” so I will use blue candy canes!!!!!!!!Thanks for the idea never would of thought of that Love your new look on the blog very impressed with you Gabs Happy Holiday to you and yours Michelle Krueger

  2. I ADORE the candycane vases me and my family made a bunch a few years ago and they are great gifts with flowers in them! The only thing is at Michaels you need to buy a spray on finish otherwise they will get super sticky and smudge!! ALSO gabs do you know where I can buy a great candy cane ice cream (it would be amazing to find chocolate with peppermint ribbon?) as a gift I’m doing a peppermint basket for a coworker and need to find a good ice cream with real peppermint chunks?

    love you! hope your holiday is going amazing!

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