Baking Day 2011

Yesterday my family and I had our annual baking day. We make our favorite traditional recipes just in time for the Christmas festivities. I blogged about several of these recipes last year, but I want to share them with you again because they are so sweet and so easy. Here are a few photos from the day, some captured by Instagram.

Me wearing the holiday baking apron my Aunt Buffy made for me!

My Aunt Carol’s Almond Bark Mix is the best combination of salty and sweet. The recipe is so simple–mix together the cereal, pretzels, nut and M&M’s and add melted Almond Bark. Lay out to dry and ta-dah! All done.

Pretzel Buttons are just as simple. M&M’s pressed into Hershey’s Hugs melted on top of pretzels. Just a few simple steps for a must-bake recipe.

Haystacks are made of chow mein noodles, chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch. That’s all! A little touch of holiday sprinkles and you’re set for Christmas.

Remember the Scrabble Mix I blogged about a few days ago? Well here it is! Savory, crunchy, inexpensive and addicting in the best way possible.

My aunt, cousins and I!

One week until Christmas!


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