Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

If your new years resolution involved either weight loss or improving toward a healthier lifestyle, you should make a batch of fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast this weekend. Pair your juice with toast and peanut butter or a fruit parfait and you will get a jump-start on your healthy day.

Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. These vitamins and minerals are especially absorbed when drank as juice. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods website, “Consuming vitamin C supplements does not provide the same protective benefits as drinking a glass of orange juice.”

Last week my boyfriend Alexander and I decided to pick oranges from the trees in his backyard to make our own homemade OJ. We picked about 60 oranges because they were tiny. About 20-30 large, ripe oranges would probably be ideal for making a large batch of juice.

To make fresh squeezed orange juice at home gather anywhere from 10-30 large oranges, depending on how many people you would like to serve. Give each orange a firm roll with your palm to loosen up the juice inside. Then slice horizontally in half.

You can juice with either an electric juicer, which ranges in price from $20 to $200+, or a simple hand juicer. I recommend electric because squeezing all the oranges by hand would take about triple the time.

If you are an orange juice pulp fan, your juice is ready once all the orange are squeezed. But, if you would rather have a smooth consistency, you will need to strain the juice again. A small or large strainer will do the trick. Keep in mind that you will lose about half the amount of juice when you strain the pulp. Set a bowl aside to periodically empty the pulp that gathers in the strainer while pouring.

You should reserve an hour or two to the process, but the freshness and health benefits are well worth it! If you would like to sweeten your juice you can add a teaspoon or two of sugar. 

Aren’t these orange juice glasses so adorable? They came as a surprise in the mail from Alexander!

Now orange you so excited to make fresh squeezed orange juice for yourself? :)

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