Pomegranate Jelly Stuffed French Toast

You know the taste of smooth cream creese and jam melting on a toasted bagel? Combine that sensation with the flavors of buttery, cinnamon french toast. Voilà! Stuffed French Toast is similar to those two ideas, but extraordinarily more amazing.

You can find a step-by-step recipe for the delicacy pictured below on the other blog that I write, “HERBan Explorer.”

Stuffed French Toast Recipe

I made this dish for a breakfast-for-dinner one night. It was so heavenly I should have called it dessert. This Stuffed French Toast served with scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and coffee would be my ideal weekend brunch.

For the filling I used pomegranate jelly that I purchased from a local farmers market. I could definitely tell how natural and pure the flavor was. I encourage you to check out a local market and find a flavor that you love, as well!

Comment on the post and let me know what flavor of jelly or jam you use. A peach, orange, lemon or apple would be great as well.



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