Fun Spring Finds

Happy Spring! The weather is perfect for an outdoor lunch gathering. My next post is going to be about a yummy salmon dish…stay tuned! Until then, I wanted to share a few fun kitchen finds from boutiques in Phoenix.

These placemats are adorable and make clean up so simple. You’ll never forget where the forks and knives are supposed to go! You can find them on the Cake Vintage website.

I love these bedazzled stickers to distinguish who’s glass is who’s. They are like jewelry for glasses! Order them on Amazon (round & design).

You won’t lack any friends if you are cooking dishes from Gourmet Gab :) Just kidding! But really, it’s amazing how food gathers people together. This cute jar grip will remind you of that every time you use it. Find it here.

These glass water bottles from Faucet Face encourage people to drink tap water and say goodbye to plastic bottles! Every bottle you buy will in turn provide 100 liters of clean water in rural India. Read more about the project on the website!

Hope these fun finds jump-start your spring celebration!

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