The Green Smoothie Challenge

Well hello Gourmet Gab readers! I apologize that it has been a month since I’ve posted. With the school year wrapping up there has been a lot on my plate! I joined the sorority, Sigma Kappa, that was recolonized at ASU this spring so we have had lots of exciting events! Below is a picture of our chapter (I’m on the far right, bottom row).

Sigma Kappa at Arizona State University

Lately I have been producing videos for the Downtown Devil. It’s been a challenging, but great opportunity to work on my videography skills! You can watch more of my videos on my Vimeo channel. Hopefully you have also been visiting the food blog I write for Downtown Devil called HERBan Explorer!

Last week on the blog I posted about the Green Smoothie Challenge. I have been so obsessed with this magical green smoothie concoction and with finding my favorite combination of flavors. Visit the link above to read all about the nutritional benefits from the leafy greens added in!

Green Smoothies

I cannot wait for summer to officially begin on May 2nd! While I am home this summer I am hoping to dive into some new recipes and share them with you. Hope everyone is having a lovely and delicious spring.

One thought on “The Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. Who doesn’t love Green Smoothies!! They are delicious and have a great texture, I tried one last weekend, suprisingly tasty!

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