Arizona Blogger Conference

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Last Saturday I attended the Arizona Blogger Conference put on by the Phoenix Style Collective. The Saguaro hotel where it was held had a modern southwest vibe. The miniature orange cactus, golden glittered tables and Dia de Los Muertos masks were a few details that I loved.

The Saguaro Scottsdale

At the conference I learned lots of great tips about blogging, how to use lighting in photography and connected with other fabulous bloggers in Arizona!

Perry Czopp of The Coffee Chop even shared some of his knowledge about espresso. He caters events and will make personalized espresso drinks. What a unique idea for the next wedding, party or birthday celebration!

The Coffee Chop

I sampled a Blackberry Latte and oh my goodness….I never would have imagined those two flavors together, but it was incredible! The sweetness of the blackberry balanced the bitterness of the espresso perfectly. If was as if I were sipping dessert!

The Blackberry Latte sparked my imagination about creating Blackberry Espresso Brownies. I want to mimic the experience of the latte in a rich chocolate form. Over the next few days I will test some recipes and report back with my favorite ASAP!

Until then, have a fun, festive and delicious Cinco de Mayo!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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