Monday Mood: Tea Talk

Today I would like to fake my best British accent to say, “Happy Monday! Would you care for a spot of tea?” Whether it is hot or iced, tea is a soothing and healthy way to quench your thirst. Here in Arizona I am all about iced Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea during the day. At night, it’s a tradition to wind down with hot tea in my monogrammed mug.

Monday Mood: Tea Talk

I would love to have some friends over and serve iced tea in Mason Jars with swirled straws and fresh fruit like #6. Currently I am on the search for a tea kettle and I love the quirkiness of the little elephant! If you’re hosting a brunch, the milk carton shaped creamer would be great for serving coffee or tea.

1) Sip-of-Nectar Mug from Anthropologie, 2) Elephant Teapot from Target, 3) Aqua Striped Paper Straws from Bake it Pretty, 4) Honey Dipper from Crate & Barrel, 5) Stainless Steel Electric Kettle from Target, 6) Pinterest, 7) Straw Dispenser from BBB, 8) Monogrammed Mugs from Anthropologie, 9) Tea Bag Squeezer from Crate & Barrel, 10) Half Pint Creamer from Fred, 11) China Mist Tea.

Are you more of a hot or iced tea drinker? And what about all the coffee lovers out there–are you tempted to incorporate some more tea in your life this summer?

Love food. Love self. Love life.



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