About the Blog

Gourmet Gab showcases that every ingredient, from the familiar to the unheard-of, can be transformed into a variety of dishes with tantalizing flavors. The blog periodically focuses on an ingredient and gives readers background information on it. Gourmet Gab highlights corresponding simple recipes and gives you “how-to” tips to execute them.

Through posts about culinary techniques and terminology, instructional videos, historical background of ingredients and researched recipes, Gourmet Gab is your source of kitchen fundamentals. After reading a couple posts and making a couple dishes you will be rocking in the kitchen.

Gourmet Gab inspires readers to:

  • Roam the isles of the grocery store.
  • Visit a local farmers market.
  • Try a new restaurant.
  • Order something off a menu out of your comfort zone.
  • Make the dessert you’ve always wanted to but have been too intimidated to conquer.
  • Cook the meal you saw on television but thought it was too much work.
  • Savor a dish they made on their own.

You do not need to go to culinary school to have a solid knowledge of food. You learn through practice, fearlessness, and reading reliable blogs like Gourmet Gab!

Gabriela Rodiles, the author of this blog, wants to be known as an expert in knowledge of ingredients, food history, and simple recipes. Her goal is to educate readers so they can become gurus in the kitchen, regardless of experience.


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