My Trip to Oregon

Last weekend I went to Eugene to visit my boyfriend Alexander at the University of Oregon. Mother Nature was good to us (or maybe I just snuck the sunshine in my suitcase!) because it was sunny and gloriously warm all weekend.

Alexander and I had a blast playing frisbee under the sun, biking and exploring trails by the Willamette River. Saturday morning we ventured to the open-air market for some produce and people watching. We picked up batch of gorgeous radishes and cut them up for a salad. What’s your favorite thing to do with radishes?

We also made trips to Prince Puckler’s for ice cream, the Milky Way for bagel sandwiches, and Agate Alley Bistro for dinner. The Fig Prosciutto pizza with brandied figs, salty prosciutto, creamy gorgonzola and peppery arugula was divine. I am going to try making it at home and will share the recipe! I also enjoyed the Ahi Niçoise salad with champagne white truffle vinaigrette.

VooDoo Doughnut in Oregon is famous for their crazy concoctions and mind-blowing flavors. Alexander and I got their Bacon Maple Bar and Voodoo Doll filled with raspberry jelly! I am going to try replicate the salty and sweet combo with these Maple Bacon Cake Doughnuts.

I had such a lovely time with Alexander and can’t wait to cook with him this summer. A sprinkle of love always makes a dish taste better! If you have been to Oregon will you share some of your favorite places to dine? We love trying new places!

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