Nine Clever Food Phone Cases

After searching the web, I’ve found nine super creative and wild phone cases that would add pizzazz to your phone and be a definitely conversation starter.

Clever Phone Cases

Three Dimensional, Bizarre, Realistic iPhone Food Cases

Cell Phone Cases

I had to include a couple crazy ones like the bacon and the realistic sushi. How wild are they! All of the cases except the sushi one can be found on A few of these cases are available in other cell phones makes like Blackberry and Android. These would also make a great birthday gift!

  1. Golden Ticket iPhone Case | TheCuriousCaseLLC
  2. Pop Rocks Candy iPhone Case | ShopZeroGravity
  3. Bacon Apple iPhone 4 Custom Case | ShopZeroGravity | $22.50
  4. Movie Theater Popcorn Snack iPhone Case | TheCuriousCaseLLC | $18
  5. Cake, Candy & Ice Cream iPhone Case | decodengoodies | $60
  6. Japanese Sushi iPhone Cover  | Strapaya World | Check out this website to see 13 other super realistic looking Japanese food covers!
  7. Jelly Bean Candy Case | TheCuriousCaseLLC | $18
  8. Strawberry Toaster Pastry Case | DanielleLondon | $24.50
  9. Chocolate Bar Cell Phone Case | TheCuriousCaseLLC | $20

Also please forgive me…After I made the collages I realized that a few of the cases are sold out on the website. Sorry!

If you could chose one from above which would you pick and why? I love the Pop Rocks cover because the neon blue and green would really “pop” on my black iPhone. Have you found one that you like that is not listed above? Can’t wait to hear.

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